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Board of Directors

Waugh Construction is governed by a Board of Directors:

  • Harold Waugh, President Emeritus
  • Godfrey Waugh, President, Contracting Division
  • Brian Waugh, President, Equipment Division
  • Gregg Waugh, President, Special Projects Division

Harold Waugh, President Emeritus

Harold Waugh provides overall guidance/mentoring to the remaining presidents. He is concentrating on networking and searching for potential jobs/contracts/projects. Harold Waugh is training the remaining presidents in running the company and gradually each of them will exercise more autonomy in the day-to-day operations of their respective divisions.

Contracting – Godfrey Waugh, President

This division is responsible for preparing bids, negotiating jobs, oversight of jobs, completion of jobs, etc.

Equipment – Brian Waugh, President

This division is responsible for providing the equipment for jobs, maintaining all equipment, providing operators of equipment, providing rental costs of equipment for use in preparing bids, etc.

Special Projects – Gregg Waugh, President

This division is responsible for special projects separate from the above three areas. Long-term planning and cash flow monitoring fall under this President. Examples of special projects include but are not limited to the following:

  1. North Abaco Harbor Company Ltd.
  2. Development of Treasure Cay, Abaco Property
  3. Sale of Subdivision Property on Grand Bahama
  4. Shopping Center in Eight Mile Rock
  5. Development of Bahama Shores Property
  6. Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements